Emergency first aid at work refresher online course

Emergency first aid at work refresher course online

Emergency first aid at work refresher online course – Do you need to take an emergency first aid at work course?

You may be thinking to yourself, what is Emergency First Aid?

Well it’s exactly that, the first aid to be offered if an incident occurs.

Not many of us are confronted with scenes of blood and gore in our everyday lives – so usually first aid could be as simple as sticking a plaster on a small cut.

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Is this the right first aid course for me?

This course is an annual refresher and is a must for everyone, as you’ll never know if you may find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to help someone who is more seriously injured.

This course will highlight some of the most common situations that you might come across and the actions that you can take to help.

In the most serious situations, a first aider’s role will be to assess the scene so that accurate information can be passed to Emergency services and then to act appropriately to try and increase the patients odds of survival.

The course is one of a range of first aid courses that we provide.

Emergency first aid at work: Modules covered

Module 1        What is First Aid?

Module 2        Barriers, ABCDs and the recovery position

Module 3        CPR and AEDs

Module 4        Choking

Module 5        Bleeding

Module 6        Shock

Module 7        Spinal Injuries

Module 8        Breaks

Module 9        Head Injuries

Module 10       Sprains

Module 11       Managing an Incident & Record Keeping

Module 12       Burns & Scalds

Module 13       Electric Shock

Module 14       Eye Injuries

Module 15      Anaphylaxis and Diabetes

Module 16       Heart Attack & Stroke

How long will it take to complete this course and how will I be assessed?

This 100% online emergency first aid at work course can be completed anywhere.

All you need is an internet-enabled device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and an internet connection.

Most students complete this course in just 150 minutes.

At the end of each module, students face a multiple choice test.

You must score at least 70% in all sixteen multiple choice tests in order to pass the course and receive your certificate of achievement.

Which bodies recognise this course?

The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) approves the content of this emergency first aid at work course.

IIRSM approval means that this course meets the rigorous standards of this leading industry body.

Course: Emergency first aid at work

Accreditations and approvals: IIRSM
Course time: 150 minutes
Assessment method: Multiple choice test

Pass mark: 70% in each module

Cost: £35 + VAT

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What our students say

Wonderful course, very easy to follow. Got me up to speed in no time at all on the basics of fire safety. Would recommend to others wishing to learn more about the basic principles of fire safety in the workplace.

I enjoyed this course and found the interactive videos easy to follow.  The course content is well thought out and provided lots of useful information.  I passed each module with flying colours and feel I now understand the basics when it comes to asbestos awareness.  Would highly recommend this online course.

The level 1 food safety for catering course was easy to follow and I learned a lot.  I enjoyed the way the course was delivered and how it was broken down into small modules, which made it easier to learn.  I have since completed level 2 food safety too.