Business Skills

At UK Online Training we offer a range of essential online business skills courses that are all accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

These online business skills courses are aimed at business owners, managers, leaders and supervisors who want to learn new skills to enable them to work more efficiently, to be more proactive, to improve their management techniques, deliver a better service and to ultimately grow their revenue.

It’s very important to identify the skills you need to develop or improve yourself so that you can succeed in your day to day business operations.

Our short training courses will allow you to do just that by helping you to brush up on certain skills such as leadership, negotiation, project management, marketing, customer service, social media and more.

All of our training courses can be completed 100% online at a time to suit you and you can study them at your own pace.

You can learn on any device such as your PC/Laptop, mobile phone or tablet, and therefore be able study anywhere that is convenient for you.

Most people complete our business skills courses in just over an hour in total.

Complete the training on the same day, or spread it out over a few days to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Once you have completed a business training course, you will receive your certificate of completion on the same day.

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TikTok for Business

TikTok for Business Are you trying to grow your following on TikTok? Not sure where to start with setting up your business TikTok account? TikTok…

Principles of Performance Management

This principles of performance management course will help you set achievable goals and targets for individuals and teams you manage. Performance management involves the achievement of performance targets through the effective management of people and the environment in which they operate.

Managing Sickness and Absence

This course will help you to understand the different types of absence and Identify ways of
measuring absence. It covers why you should complete return-to-work forms and how to conduct effective return-to-work meetings.

Bar staff training course

This course starts with an overview of UK alcohol licensing laws and the importance of the four key licensing objectives. The course will also discuss mandatory conditions, which are compulsory for all licensed premises and looks in detail at the major issue of age verification.

Emotional intelligence in leadership

This course will introduce the concept of emotional intelligence and look at how you can use it in effective and meaningful ways. It will examine the difference between emotional intelligence and IQ and dispel some of the myths surrounding emotional intelligence.

Developing Teamwork

This course explains in detail what team working is and covers some of the basic principles for putting together a group of people who will work well together. It then goes on to cover conflict within teams, explaining some of the reasons conflict occurs and some strategies for managing it.

Anti Money Laundering Training

This anti money laundering training discusses a number of offences, including tax evasion, theft, fraud, bribery and the financing of terrorism. This course is suitable for anyone working in an organisation that handles large amounts of money and can also be used as an introduction to the subject for those working or planning to work in a regulated sector.

Developing and managing employee relations

This course will define employee relations and cover the many benefits good relations can bring to an organisation. It’ll explain how to build confidence in management, including sharing the company vision, building strong teams, the importance of employee feedback plus much more.

Facebook for Business

This facebook for business course gives you a guide as to how facebook works and how it can work for your business. You will learn how to set up a branded facebook page for your business, how to use the admin tools and how to post content to your new page. You’ll also learn how how facebook advertising works and how you can drive users to your page, and even your website if you have one.