GDPR training

GDPR Training

Learn how to meet your obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ensure your business handles data in compliance with European Union law with this training.

Understand the seven principles of GDPR and the eight rights of individuals with this GDPR training programme.

Constructed especially for data protection officers, data controllers, data protection leads and data processors, it also provides information on how to build and implement an effective privacy policy.

This training is just one of the business skills online courses that we offer.

Is this the right GDPR training course for you?

If your professional responsibilities include handling or having access to personal data, this introduction to GDPR course will give you a broad understanding of one of the world’s most significant data privacy regulations.

You will get the confidence to conduct your business and data handling in a way that meets your legal obligations, avoiding the potentially significant consequences of non-compliance and simultaneously building trust with your customers across Europe.

GDPR training course: what is covered?

This course is designed to give you all the knowledge and understanding necessary to ensure any data in your business is handled professionally, securely and in compliance with the law.

A broad introduction to GDPR, its reach and its consequences is the main subject of the first module. Following that comes a guide to data processing, including best practices and practical advice to stay within the bounds of the law.

You will also examine different types of data, learning about the key differences between them and the consequences of those differences.

The rights of your data subjects are the key topic of Module 4, detailing what requests and expectations a person can have when you or your business handles their data.

The final module examines how to react if you discover a data breach, how to report it and what steps you can take to avoid a data breach ever becoming reality.

Modules covered in the course

Module 1        Introduction

Module 2        Data Processing

Module 3        Types of Data

Module 4        Data Subjects’ Rights

Module 5        Data Breaches

How long will it take to complete this GDPR training course and how will I be assessed?

If you want to complete this GDPR training course, you will only need to find one spare hour.

Most students complete the programme in just 60 minutes!

After each of the five modules you will be assessed with a multiple choice test.

You will need to score at least 70% in all of these tests in order to pass the course and receive your official certificate of achievement.

Which bodies recognise this GDPR training course?

This GDPR training course is approved by the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service.

That means you can be confident of both the teaching and the quality of material covered.

It also means that the successful completion of this course can be used as evidence if you need to prove to your employer your continued personal and professional development.

Course: GDPR Training

Accreditations and approvals: CPD
Course time: 60 minutes
Assessment method: Multiple choice test

Pass mark: 70% in each module

Cost: £35 + VAT

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I enjoyed this course and found the interactive videos easy to follow.  The course content is well thought out and provided lots of useful information.  I passed each module with flying colours and feel I now understand the basics when it comes to asbestos awareness.  Would highly recommend this online course.

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