Mental capacity act and deprivation of liberty safeguards

Mental capacity act and deprivation of liberty safeguards

This course describes in detail the many facets and procedures of the Mental Capacity Act and deprivation of liberty safeguards.

This includes who the act affects, when it applies, how to assess capacity and the procedures that can be put in place in the home or workplace to ensure best practices are followed and people are treated fairly at all times.

It also introduces the deprivation of liberty safeguards.

These safeguards provide a framework for approving the deprivation of liberty for people who lack the capacity to consent to treatment or care in either a hospital or care home setting.

This course is one of a range of courses in health and social care that we provide.

Is this the right course for you?

This course is aimed at anyone working within a health or social care setting such as a hospital or care home, where they are responsible for looking after people who are perhaps ill, disabled or elderly and may lack the mental capacity to consent to decisions that will improve their care, overall wellbeing and/or quality of life.

By taking this online training, you will be able to gain a better understanding of what the mental capacity act is there for and you’ll also be able to more accurately assess a person’s mental capacity to make important decisions regarding their care.

Medical professionals such as Doctors and Nurses may find this training beneficial as well as general clinical and care staff, care home managers and so on.

Mental capacity act and deprivation of liberty safeguards: Modules covered

Module 1        Introduction

Module 2        What is the Mental Capacity Act?

Module 3        Assessing Capacity

Module 4        The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

How long will it take to complete this course and how will I be assessed?

This 100% online training for the mental capacity act and deprivation of liberty safeguards can be completed anywhere.

All you need is an internet-enabled device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and an internet connection.

Most students complete this course in just 75 minutes.

At the end of each module, students will face a multiple choice test.

You must score at least 70% in all four multiple choice tests in order to pass the course and receive your certificate of achievement.

Which bodies recognise this course?

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service approves this course, giving you reassurance and peace of mind that the quality and standards of the material you will be taught is first class.

Course: Mental capacity act and deprivation of liberty safeguards

Accreditations and approvals: CPD
Course time: 75 minutes
Assessment method: Multiple choice test

Pass mark: 70% in each module

Cost: £25 + VAT

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