Paediatric First Aid training

Paediatric First Aid training online – Online Course FREE certificate and support

Paediatric First Aid training online – Get the knowledge and confidence you need to provide medical assistance to infants, children and adolescents with this extensive paediatric first aid training course gain you Paediatric first aid certificate.

Medical emergencies can happen at any moment. Make sure you’re equipped to deal with whatever comes your way with this online training programme examining the first aid procedures and best practices suitable for patients under 16 years old.

Is this the right Paediatric First Aid course for you?

If you work in or manage a nursery, pre-school or school, or you’re a childminder, club leader or sports coach, this paediatric first aid training programme will give you the theoretical knowledge to deliver first aid assistance to infants, children and adolescents.

In emotionally-charged situations, the assurance of thorough training can help you to maintain your composure, think clearly and deliver the care that’s needed – exactly when it’s needed.

The course is just one of a range of first aid courses that we offer.

Paediatric First Aid Training course: what is covered?

Enrolling in this online paediatric first aid training course is the first step to gaining a wide-reaching knowledge and understanding of first aid care.

It covers everything from emergency planning and assessing a situation through to CPR, shock and basic life support.

At the start of the nine-module programme, students receive a broad overview of paediatric first aid and how it differs from adult first aid.

Other background work follows in the next two modules, which cover appropriate planning and preparation as well as essential first aid knowledge.

The focus of the course then shifts on to specific situations, including the provision of basic life support and how to react to fractures, head injuries, shock and bleeding.

To finish the paediatric first aid training, students look at how a patient’s specific medical conditions can impact the care they can receive, how to best manage minor injuries, and what steps must be taken to ensure appropriate first aid documentation and kits are in place.

Modules covered in the course

Module 1        Introduction to Paediatric First Aid

Module 2        Planning and Preparation

Module 3        Essential First Aid Knowledge and Skills

Module 4        Basic Life Support

Module 5        Fractures and Head Injuries

Module 6        Shock, Bleeding and Dressing Wounds

Module 7        Specific Medical Conditions

Module 8        Minor Injuries

Module 9        First Aid Documentation and First Aid Kits

Complete the course and achieve your Paediatric first aid certificate.

How long will it take to complete this course and how will I be assessed?

With an average completion time of just 115 minutes, most students progress through this paediatric first aid training course in under two hours.

At the end of each of the course’s nine modules, students face a multiple choice test.

A score of at least 70% is needed in all nine modules in order to pass the course and receive a certificate of achievement.

Which bodies recognise this First Aid Training course?

Approved by the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service, this paediatric first aid training course has been externally assessed to ensure it provides the knowledge and skills most needed for those working in childcare environments.

The CPD approval also means this course can be used as evidence of your ongoing professional development.

Course: Paediatric First Aid Training (Paediatric first aid certificate)

Accreditations and approvals: CPD
Course time: 115 minutes
Assessment method: Multiple choice test

Pass mark: 70% in each module

Cost: £35 + VAT

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