Health and Social Care

At UK Online Training we offer a range of different online health and social care courses to suit different requirements and working environments.

Each of our health and social care courses is approved by CPD.

These online courses are aimed at anyone working in the health or social care sectors.

We have online courses that will help health workers and care staff to be more aware of mental health issues, people with learning difficulties such as autism and to become more aware of health conditions such as diabetes and stroke.

Other health and social care courses include duty of care, nutrition and hydration, and dignity and privacy in care.

Employers have responsibility for ensuring that staff receive the appropriate training in the health and social care sectors in order to provide patients and the vulnerable people in their care with dignity and the best level of care possible.

Each of our health and social care courses can be completed 100% online at a time to suit you and you can study them at your own pace.

You can learn on any device such as your PC/Laptop, mobile phone or tablet, and therefore be able study anywhere that is convenient for you.

Most people complete our short online courses in just over an hour in total.

Complete the training on the same day, or spread it out over a few days to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

Once you have completed an online health and social care course, you will receive your certificate of completion on the same day.

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Diabetes awareness course

This diabetes awareness course is aimed at people working in the health and social care sector and will provide an overview of the condition, the common symptoms that might indicate someone has diabetes, methods of diagnosis, some possible treatments and common complications that can affect those with the condition.

Autism awareness course

This autism awareness course is aimed at people working in adult and child care environments. It will help you in recognising, understanding and supporting children or adults with autism.

Mental health awareness training

This course explains the difference between mental health and mental illness. It covers the symptoms of a number of the most common mental illnesses so you will know what to look out for or what to expect if you are working with someone with one of these conditions.

Infection control training

This course will start by defining infection prevention and control and explaining the impact of good and bad infection control. It then goes into detail about, the legislation that applies to infection control, the different types of microorganisms, how bacteria are transmitted, the chain of infection, and much more.

Prevent duty training

This course gives an overview of the Government’s Prevent strategy, and looks at some of the reasons people become extremists. It goes on to cover the objectives of the Prevent strategy, how to base your actions on a risk based approach, what to do if you are concerned and much more.

Duty of care health and social care

This course gives you an introduction to the concept of duty of care. It is aimed at people working in the health and social care environment. In brief, this online course covers how duty of care affects your work, what to do if you come across a duty of care dilemma and where you can go for support or advice, along with providing you with some practical examples of duty of care situations.