Facebook for business course

Facebook for business course

Do you need to take a course to learn how to use Facebook effectively to promote your business?

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. With over a billion users it’s very likely that a proportion of your target customer audience will have a Facebook account.

In the ‘Social Media for Business’ course you’ll have been encouraged to research and investigate the preferred social media platforms used by your target audience, so you should have a good idea at this point if Facebook is one of the right platforms for you.

Using Facebook in your business is about providing an effective means for your customers to interact with you and connect their friends to your business.

Recommendation is the most powerful way a potential customer can be connected to a business, particularly when it’s being recommended by a

So if you know that a trusted friend likes a particular brand, you’re much more likely to engage with that brand.

Facebook is essentially a platform designed to facilitate social interaction between people with whom you’ve already established some mutual recognition.


Facebook for business course: what is covered?

This Facebook for business course gives you a guide as to how Facebook works and how it can work for your business.

You will learn how to set up a branded Facebook page for your business, how to use the admin tools and how to post content to your new page.

You’ll also learn how how Facebook advertising works and how you can drive users to your page, and even your website if you have one.

Our Facebook course is just one of a range of business skills courses that we offer at UK Online Training.

Modules covered in this course

Module 1        An Introduction to Facebook

Module 2        Setting up a Facebook Brand Page

Module 3      Administrating your Facebook Brand Page  

Module 4       Adding Content to your Brand Page

Module 5       Custom Applications

Module 6       Getting People to your Brand Page

Module 7       Facebook Advertising

Module 8       Getting Website Traffic from Facebook

How long will it take to complete this course and how will I be assessed?

This 100% online Facebook for business course can be completed anywhere.

All you need is an internet-enabled device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and an internet connection.

Most students complete this course in just 80 minutes.

At the end of each module, students face a multiple choice test.

You must score at least 70% in all eight multiple choice tests in order to pass the course and receive your certificate of achievement.

Which bodies recognize this course?

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service approves this course, giving you reassurance and peace of mind that the quality and standards of the material you will be taught is first class.

Course: Facebook for business

Accreditations and approvals: CPD
Course time: 80 minutes
Assessment method: Multiple choice test

Pass mark: 70% in each module

Cost: £90 + VAT

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I enjoyed this course and found the interactive videos easy to follow.  The course content is well thought out and provided lots of useful information.  I passed each module with flying colours and feel I now understand the basics when it comes to asbestos awareness.  Would highly recommend this online course.

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