Level 1 Food Safety – Retail

Level 1 Food Safety – Retail

Preparing, cooking, serving or selling food is a strictly regulated industry. Complex and detailed laws govern how food should be handled, kept, processed and cooked before it is given to the public. This Level 1 Food Safety – Retail course outlines the basics.

Ensuring the best possible levels of food hygiene is critical. Poor food handling can lead to food poisoning, which can be fatal. By understanding issues such as pest control and waste management, you can put your organisation in a far stronger position.

Is this the right Level 1 Food Safety – Retail course for you?

This Level 1 Food Safety Retail training course is one of a range of online food safety training courses that we offer.

It is ideally suited to employees who might be new to the retail industry or professional food handling.

Employees handling low-risk or wrapped foods (category A), as well as those with minimal or no previous food safety knowledge, should be enrolled on this course as soon as possible.

Other roles that can benefit from this programme include waiting and check-out staff, kitchen porters, and warehouse staff.

Level 1 Food Safety – Retail: what is covered?

Starting with the Food Safety Act 1990, students get an understanding of relevant food safety legislation during the first module of this course.

They are also taught about the consequences if they – or the organisations they work for – do not follow the law.

This first module is designed to be useful to both employees and employers operating with food in a retail setting.

The second module considers a range of the most probable food safety hazards to be aware of, including physical, biological, allergenic and chemical hazards.

It covers the entire delivery-to-service process and advises on the best courses of action employees and employers can take to mitigate those hazards.

Next comes a detailed look at risk control and the prevention of food contamination, putting retail customers’ safety at the centre of the focus by looking at how to maintain clean, tidy and effective food storage and preparation premises.

Tidying, washing up, cleaning and personal hygiene are all covered in depth.

Finally, students consider the role of pests in food hygiene and contamination issues.

They develop an understanding of the environments that can attract pests as well as how to deter them in order to avoid unwanted food contamination.

Modules included in the course

Module 1        Food Safety Legislation

Module 2        Hazards from Delivery to Service

Module 3        Risk Control (Prevention of Contamination)

Module 4        Pests, Premises and People

How long will it take to complete this course and how will I be assessed?

Most students complete this course in 50 minutes, so it is realistic to expect to attain your certificate of achievement in just one hour.

You are assessed through four multiple choice tests – one at the end of each module.

To pass each module, you need to score at least 75% in the multiple choice test. You must pass all four modules in order to successfully complete the training.

Which bodies recognise this training course?

Students looking to complete this course can be reassured by its external recognition.

Both the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service approve this training programme.

That means you can buy with confidence, knowing you are set to receive the knowledge and understanding you need in order to ensure continued best practice in all food safety (retail) settings.

Course: Level 1 Food Safety – Retail

Accreditations and approvals: RoSPA and CPD
Course time: 50 minutes
Assessment method: Multiple choice test

Pass mark: 75% in each module

Cost: £15 + VAT

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What our students say

Wonderful course, very easy to follow. Got me up to speed in no time at all on the basics of fire safety. Would recommend to others wishing to learn more about the basic principles of fire safety in the workplace.

I enjoyed this course and found the interactive videos easy to follow.  The course content is well thought out and provided lots of useful information.  I passed each module with flying colours and feel I now understand the basics when it comes to asbestos awareness.  Would highly recommend this online course.

The level 1 food safety for catering course was easy to follow and I learned a lot.  I enjoyed the way the course was delivered and how it was broken down into small modules, which made it easier to learn.  I have since completed level 2 food safety too.